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Hihi my fluffies, Remember how I made a poll saying there is now a Noragami dance

Well, a lot of you answered with " THERE IS!!"

So! Here is the info about the dance and even a Tutorial…

And if your a REALLY big fan of Noragami Like I am LOL You can record yourself doing the dance, Upload it to Youtube and even send in your video to their site 8D 

Just follow the info with the link

If any of you guys actually do it, SEND ME THE LINKS!!!! It would bring me SOOOOOOOOOOO much joy since Noragami isn't really that popular.  YATO NEEDS MORE LOVE <3

by the way, //coughs// I already posted mine, so If you want to see me doing it, Go to my Youtube
Br warned, Im still shy with cameras and I did this on my own so >X'D…